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The fictitious race of Vulcans from the TV show, StarTrek, prided themselves on their logic. Read a conversation between a human Christian and a Vulcan about science and Christianity.   Is Christianity Logical?

The FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) contain answers about life and it's problems using the Bible. FAQ 1 explains why Christians believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Each FAQ links to a PDF copy of the FAQ, a game to learn where the verses are and a display of the verses. In the FAQ "Who is God" scripture is used to describe a few of God's amazing characteristics and capabilities, realizing that it is impossible for a finite human to completely describe infinite God.

Wordfinds of Bible verses scatter the words from the verse in straight lines randomly over a grid of letters. The color of the first letter of a word turns green when clicked. If the next click is the last letter of the word, the word will change color to indicate that it's been solved. For the interactive features Javascripting must be enabled, or try the Non-Interactive FAQs and Wordfinds which are black and white for printing. All the Wordfinds have color solutions.

This page was recently revised to make it easier to see on a smart phone. The larger wordfinds are too big to do on a cell phone, but OK for a tablet or PC. The smaller wordfinds are doable on a cell phone, but difficult. My project for 2020 is some still smaller wordfinds. Remember to pinch your fingers together to zoom out and apart to zoom in. It's OK to peek at the solution at first to learn how to select the word you have found. Then click on the "NEW WORDFIND" button to get a different wordfind where you don't know the locations.

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The "Easy to Read World English Bible" is used on this web site.   For more information please Click Here   For several other good sources of information on the Bible, please Click Here